We answer the most common questions about the Richard’s Painting franchise opportunity

Below are the most common questions about the Richard’s Painting franchise opportunity. Don’t see your question or have additional questions? Simply fill out the inquiry form on this website, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

What makes Richard’s Painting stand out compared to other painting service franchises?

Richard’s Painting is a quality-focused brand that builds trust from within the community. Our customers like to see the owner involved in the day-to-day operations. This gives customers peace of mind that they are receiving the highest quality service. Better quality and better service equals better prices.

How does Richard’s Painting determine the size of a territory?

We gather demographic information, population size data, and look at the size of the area to form a territory based on single-family dwelling units and average income levels, among other factors. Our typical single territory size has a 10-to-15-mile radius around the center.

Will I have to hire employees?

Yes. We build people into leaders that represent you and your business as if it were their own!

How many painters will I have on staff?

Richard’s Painting has a path to help you determine what is needed at different levels of growth, so you can grow at the pace you feel comfortable with. Our training program and ongoing support is designed to set you up for success on all fronts of your business, including staffing.

How long is the Richard’s Painting training program?

You will have two one-week training sessions at the corporate headquarters in Salisbury, NC. Training consists of a combination of field learning as well as in-office training. You will work directly with Richard, the CEO of Richard’s Painting. Typically, you will work with real crews in the field learning the basics of painting. You will also do real estimates with Richard and get real-time feedback as a part of your experience. Then, you will spend up to 3 days learning how to use our software for writing estimates, keeping track of job costs, marketing data, and sending out the invoice when the job is complete!

How long is the Richard’s Painting franchise agreement?

The Richard’s Painting franchise agreement is for a period of 10 years.

What kind of vehicle do I drive?

Typically, each franchisee drives a white van with the Richard’s Painting logo and phone number. We like simple, clean vans!

Where do I buy my equipment?

You will purchase most of your items needed from your local paint supplier, such as Sherwin Williams. Franchisees receive special exclusive? pricing that comes with being part of the Richard’s Painting Brand.

How long before I have an office outside of my home?

Initially, franchisees operate their franchises from their homes while they are starting up their business. Once your business grows to big for your home, we recommend opening another office outside of your home.

How will I attract customers?

Leads are generated for your business in several ways. Yard signs, door hangers, digital ads, relationship building, word-of-mouth, and direct mail are among the top methods for attracting customers. We do not use lead referral services.

What if I do not know how to paint – in fact, I don’t like to paint?

Not knowing how to paint is not a problem – we will teach you the basics! If you don’t like painting, then Richard’s Painting may not be for you! While we do encourage you to learn and understand all aspects of the painting service business, it is not a requirement to know how to paint, but understanding it will help in your success curve. We seek individuals who are willing to learn, are self-aware, possess integrity, have respect for themselves and others, and are also a communicator. This opportunity is about creating a successful business for years to come in your community. This is not about trying to scale just for the sake of a profit; it’s about running a business you can be proud of!

What if my area has pages and pages of painters on the internet?

That is a good problem. This means there is a high demand for painting! The goal is to become the leader in your area and let your work and commitment to service stand out above the rest!

Do I need a license?

Some states and localities require you to obtain a painting or home improvement contractor license or registration before you begin operating your franchise. We will assist you in figuring out the requirements in your territory prior to your business launch.

Is Richard’s Painting competitive in the market?

Our targeted customers seek quality and great service, and are not driven by price alone. At first, price will be a factor until you establish yourself. As you grow your customer base, your prices will rise as you build a positive reputation.

What does it cost to get started?

We offer a low $5000 down payment option on the franchise fee. Startup costs typically run between $5000 – $7500.

How quickly can I be open for business?

Typically, you can be up and running in less than 60 days from signing your franchise contract.

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