3 Quick Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Richard’s Painting Franchise

Low startup costs, high margins, and committing to doing things the right way deems investing in a Richard’s Painting Franchise wise

In the recession-resistant painting industry, there aren’t many opportunities like Richard’s Painting franchise. Founded by Richard Gould in 1999, Richard has built a tremendously successful company by doing things the right way, which is often exactly the opposite of how the rest of the painting industry operates.

Now, Richard’s Painting is franchising across the United States, and we’re actively looking for entrepreneurs who want to own a painting business that doesn’t cut corners, treats people with respect, provides exceptional work, and becomes a pillar of the local community.

“We’re ready to grow with the right franchise owners,” Richard says. “We want our franchise owners to be committed to doing things the right way, to be active in their communities, to lift their employees up, and to believe that owning a painting business is the best job on earth. We can teach you how to paint, but you need to have the passion.”

painting franchiseHere are three quick reasons why you should invest in a Richard’s Painting franchise:

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started

With startup costs starting at $58,450, Richard’s Painting franchise is one of the most affordable painting franchises in the industry. The best part is that these low costs are ongoing. You don’t need a lot of equipment, inventory, or employees to get started and other ongoing costs, such as marketing, are also designed to be lower than the industry average.

“I don’t know a business that’s cheaper to get involved in than Richard’s Painting franchise,” Richard says. “You can get started with one person and grow from there. To me, it’s the lowest cost with the biggest potential return – and that’s the only thing I know.”

Painting is profitable year-round

Unlike many other painting companies, Richard’s Painting is designed to be a profitable business year-round. This means our franchise owners don’t have to worry about slow seasons or providing additional services – they simply focus on getting painting jobs and delivering exceptional work.
This commitment to exceptional work means that we’re able to charge more for our services than the competition. This means that our business model is more sustainable because of our focus on year-round service, and the profit potential is higher.

“We’re always painting – it never stops,” Richard says. “No matter the economy or who is in the White House, the demand for painting never slows down. Most painting companies act as though they expect a slow season, but in reality, there’s more than enough work to stay busy all year. The margins in painting are outstanding, and the profit potential is the best out of any industry, in my opinion. You just need to know how to run a business – it’s as simple as that – and that’s what we teach our franchise owners how to do.”

We’re here to help you

One of the biggest advantages in franchising with Richard’s Painting is that Richard will personally train, coach, and guide you through the process of becoming your community’s go-to painter.

This level of personal support and mentorship is almost unheard of in the painting industry, and it’s one of the reasons why Richard’s Painting attracts a lot of interest from entrepreneurs looking to break into business ownership.

“We’re looking for people who are leaders,” Richard says. “You need to be able to stay focused on your goals and grow your business, to create opportunities for your employees, and to be of service to your community. I want you to be better than me, to be even more successful, and I’m here to help you, coach you, and mentor you so you realize your dreams.”

Own your neighborhood painting business

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