Should You Start a Painting Franchise?

Richard’s Painting franchise is ready to help you thrive in business over the long-term

The painting and coating industry is booming, and now has never been a better time to invest in a franchise with Richard’s Painting.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the painting and coating market is projected to grow from $150.76 billion in 2021 to $217.66 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 5.4% during that time period.

richard's painting franchise teamWhat’s driving this incredible growth? Quite simply, the market’s demand and growth. Construction is at an all time high, people are moving into new homes at an unprecedented rate, and Americans, more than ever, are finally getting around to those long overdue remodeling projects, with painting and coating consistently high atop the list.

“Painting is a great business because millions of people hire painters every day,” says Richard Gould, founder and CEO of Richard’s Painting. “Now is the perfect time to invest in Richard’s Painting because no matter the state of the economy, we’re always painting – it never stops. We want to be the premier painter in every community we’re in – and set the standard for quality work.”

Richard’s Painting offers aspiring entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to enter the $30 billion painting and coating industry, with low barriers to entry, low initial startup costs, a quick return on investment and high profit margins.

With one of the lowest start up costs in the industry, owning a Richard’s Painting franchise can start with an initial investment as low as $58,000. Better yet, our business model is expertly crafted to keep ongoing costs low; our locations don’t require a lot of equipment, inventory or employees to get started, allowing for franchisees to hit the ground running with our easy to scale business plan.

“I don’t know a business that’s cheaper to get involved in than Richard’s Painting franchise,” Gould says. “You can get started with one person and grow from there. To me, it’s the lowest cost with the biggest potential return.”

We also know how important it is for a quick return on investments when starting a business, and the need to drive high profit margins from day one. That’s why we invest so much training and support into our franchisees to master our business plan, which is tailored to bring in profits from the outset.

Richard’s Painting offers a brand that is established and respected, which is a result of offering high-quality, professional work since it was founded in 1999. We teach each and every franchisee our secrets to success – customer service, leading a team, organizing operations, marketing as well as ongoing training and coaching.

“I want my franchise owners to be better than me,” Richard says. “I am always going to be there. I didn’t start this business to start a franchise. I’m a painter! I want to better the industry by helping entrepreneurs do this the right way by guiding them and nurturing them. I want to be the mentor to the business owner. You’re not a franchise owner – you’re a business owner. And my job is to coach you to help you become successful.”

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