Why is Painting a Great Business to Own?

Recession-resistant and always in demand, owning a painting business comes with a lot of advantages

“We’re always painting – it never stops,” says Richard Gould, CEO and Founder of Richard’s Painting franchise opportunity. “No matter the economy or who is in the White House, the demand for painting never slows down.”

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs are seeking recession-resistant opportunities that are affordable, meet a growing demand, and offer the potential for a great living. In every case, owning a painting business more than delivers.

Richard's Painting franchise opportunity

The painting industry has been growing for the last five years, according to IBIS World, and painting businesses generate more than $30 billion in annual revenue.

This is big business – especially now. Homeowners are reinvesting in their homes at record levels, and according to Realtor Magazine, home improvement spending is expected to continue to grow in 2021. Considering that homeowners focus their spending on the projects that provide the most value and overall enjoyment, it should come as no surprise that Realtor magazine reports that painting was the No. 1 household project for 2020.

With spending levels projected to increase for home improvement projects again this year, painting is also likely to stay at the top spot.

Not all painting businesses are equal

While the demand for painting continues to rise, the opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the painting boom likewise continues to rise.

While there are a number of painting franchise systems out there, Richard’s Painting stands out as a franchise opportunity that is a cut above the rest.

For starters, Richard’s Painting is obsessed with quality work and happy customers – and this makes us a rarity in the painting industry. Richard’s Painting also believes that high quality is worth more, and therefore, we charge higher prices than the competition. We use better paints, our teams are better trained, and nothing can compete with our end results.

Richard's Painting franchise opportunity

“While the competition is on a race to the bottom as far as prices, we believe that doing a job the right way means that we can charge what the job is worth” Richard says. “This is why we never cut corners and it’s why our customers call us back time and time again. When you do a terrible job for a low price, they’ll never call you back.”

A different approach to marketing and customer acquisition

One of the reasons why Richard’s Painting is so successful is because we know that a good painting business becomes involved with the community. Our franchise owners sponsor sports teams, they join their local Chamber of Commerce, they give to charities, they employ local people, and they treat their neighbors with dignity and respect.

This is why the areas we go into are markedly different from other brands. While Richard’s Painting could work in any market, our sweet spot is smaller markets. Not only does this allow us to become ingrained in the communities we’re in, but it also allows us to stretch our marketing dollars and be much more effective.

“Other brands want you to spend thousands of dollars a month on marketing,” Richard says. “They tell you to list on sites like HomeAdvisor. These are terrible strategies. Our approach is very different in that we help you market so that people are searching for you. It’s less expensive and the likelihood to win a sale is much greater.”

Richard's Painting franchise opportunity

Once you get a sale, you need to keep the customer happy – and this is where we excel. Our franchise owners are trained to provide exceptional work, to pay attention to the details, to show up on time, to always be friendly, and to deliver the promised result.

“Our customers will call us to do two, three, four, five rooms in their houses,” Richard says. “And this is because in the painting industry, the level of professionalism we provide, as well as our commitment to go above and beyond for our customers, is rare in the industry. They stick with us because we deliver a great service – it’s as simple as that.”

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