What is Richard’s Painting Franchise?

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A neighborhood painter is the pillar of a community, and for more than 20 years, Richard’s Painting has quietly become a tremendously successful business by being exactly that. In the suburban community of Salisbury, North Carolina, located outside of Charlotte, there’s hardly a home or commercial building that Richard Gould, Founder and CEO of Richard’s Painting, hasn’t worked on.

Richard’s company is highly regarded by the community, and as a result, he has been handsomely rewarded. His business has grown year over year, he’s expanded into new territories, he’s able to create opportunities for his staff, and he’s been able to build a fantastic life for his growing family.

Richard's painting franchise

All of this was achieved by owning a painting business – and this is why Richard decided to start franchising.

“I take this very personally,” Richard says. “We want our franchise owners to better their lives, better their employees’ lives, and help their communities. This business model is built around families – and franchising with Richard’s Painting means that you get an extended family that is going to be absolutely committed to helping you grow your business. I’m going to be here to guide you every step of the way.”

An employee-based model means higher prices and happier customers

One of the reasons the painting category is often associated with negative stereotypes is because many painting brands (including some of the biggest) use subcontractors rather than hire employees. They do this because they have to compete for every job, and because of that, they fight for the lowest possible price. This means that they have to hire underpaid subcontractors, and because their margins are so slim, they have to rush to finish projects that result in subpar work and angry customers.

Richard’s Painting doesn’t hire subcontractors. Our employee-based model means that we’re able to bring on the best talent, train them, provide opportunities for growth, and ultimately provide a better overall customer experience. As a result, we also get to charge a higher price for our work, because our customers believe exceptional work and high level of professionalism is worth paying more for.

richard's painting franchise

“A successful painting business is really about setting up a standard,” Richard says. “There should be Richard’s Painting and then everyone else. If you’re able to deliver a great experience, you’re able to charge a higher price because your work is worth more. This is why we choose to hire employees rather than work with subcontractors. Your employees are loyal, they’re trained, and you know that they do great work. Your employees become a part of your family and they grow with you. And because of that, the whole company shares the same pride and aspires to growth.”

Richard’s Painting franchise model is designed to be profitable year-round

Another reason why Richard’s Painting is unique in the painting industry is that we believe that painters should be busy year-round.

Richard’s Painting excels in small residential work, as well as large-scale commercial jobs – and there’s plenty of it out there. The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University expects home improvement spending to increase in 2021, and home and property owners tend to invest in work that adds value. This means painting is always high on the list.

Richard's painting franchise

“A successful painting company shouldn’t be putting up Christmas lights,” Richard says. “Most painting companies act as though they expect a slow season, but in reality, there’s more than enough work to stay busy all year. The margins in painting are outstanding, and the profit potential is the best out of any industry, in my opinion. You just need to know how to run a business – it’s as simple as that – and that’s what we teach our franchise owners how to do.”

We’re growing fast

Even though Richard’s Painting is a new franchise, we’re already growing fast. We have multiple locations in North Carolina and are actively seeking entrepreneurs, who are passionate about painting, to grow with us.

“We’re looking for people who believe in what we’re doing and want to own a business that makes a difference,” Richard says. “If we get the right franchise owners, this brand is going to be unstoppable. We’re looking for leaders who want to get involved in their community and run this business the right way.”

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