Richard Gould, CEO & Founder of Richard’s Painting Franchise, Opens Up

Richard Gould discusses why he decided to franchise his highly successful painting business and much, much more

If you’re going to go into business for yourself, you have to enjoy what you’re going to do day-in and day-out. While this may seem obvious, far too many business owners ignore this concept in their quest for obtaining money and success. Richard Gould, Founder and CEO of Richard’s Painting, joins us today to talk about his Painting Franchise.

Richard Gould truly believes that owning a painting business is the greatest job on earth. He founded Richard’s Painting in 1999 in Salisbury, North Carolina, after selling his painting business in New Jersey. Richard’s Painting was the first business he had to build from the ground up, and he knew that if he ran his business with integrity, provided exceptional work, and became a part of his community. Success would soon follow Richard Gould and Richard’s Painting.Richard Gould

It turns out that running a business the right way delivers positive results. Therefore, after more than two decades in business, Richard’s Painting is still growing. This is why Richard decided to franchise the business model. After looking around the industry and seeing the lack of standards, Richard realized there was an opportunity to help entrepreneurs find success in the painting industry by focusing on what matters: community, customers, and the people on your team.

In this interview, Richard discusses what makes Richard’s Painting a wise investment, why painting is a recession-resistant industry, and much, much more.

Why is painting a good business to get into?

Richard: We’re always painting – it never stops. No matter the economy or who is in the White House, the demand for painting never slows down. Most painting companies act as though they expect a slow season, but in reality, there’s more than enough work to stay busy all year. The margins in painting are outstanding, and the profit potential is the best out of any industry, in my opinion. You just need to know how to run a business – it’s as simple as that – and that’s what we teach our franchise owners how to do.

Why did you decide to franchise Richard’s Painting?

Richard: I didn’t start this business to start a franchise. I’m a painter! After many years in the business and looking around at how other companies do things, I saw an opportunity to better the industry as a whole by teaching entrepreneurs how to do it the right way. You can be enormously successful by providing exceptional work, taking care of your customers, providing growth opportunities for your team, and being a part of the community.

A big part of what makes Richard’s Painting different is that your business model uses employees instead of subcontractors. What are the advantages of hiring employees?

Richard: A successful painting business is really about setting up a standard. There should be Richard’s Painting and then everyone else. If you’re able to deliver a great experience, you’re able to charge a higher price because your work is worth more. This is why we choose to hire employees rather than work with subcontractors. Your employees are loyal, they’re trained, and you know that they do great work. Your employees become a part of your family, and they grow with you. And because of that, the whole company shares the same pride and aspires to grow.

Does having high standards make it easier for you to win repeat business?

Richard: Absolutely. Our customers will call us to do two, three, four, five rooms in their houses. This is because in the painting industry, the level of professionalism we provide, as well as our commitment to go above and beyond for our customers, is rare in the industry. They stick with us because we deliver a great service – it’s as simple as that.

Who makes the ideal franchise owner with Richard’s Painting?

Richard: We’re ready to grow with the right franchise owners. We want our franchise owners to be committed to doing things the right way, to be active in their communities, to lift their employees up, and to believe that owning a painting business is the best job on earth. We can teach you how to paint, but you need to have the passion.

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